Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Quandary for the MSM

So the Minuteman Project is underway in Arizona. Depending on who you ask, they may be making a temporary difference, or may be detracting from the Border Patrol's efforts in handling, ahem, "undocumented" workers from Mexico. I had a thought yesterday:

Who does the MSM support in this effort? Clearly, President Bush doesn't like the Minuteman Project, calling them "vigilantes." And the press doesn't like President Bush, that's a well-documented fact. But the press also doesn't like the Minutemen (this article refers to them as "racists"). So who will the press support in this debate? How are they going to inject their bias into a story where both sides (in their view) are a problem?
it's pretty rediculous, i admit. but "the media", as well as my humble self, don't like them both for the same reason. because they lack judgement. they act before they think, and they don't understand the value of human life.

Please tell me what the value of human life is. I'm unclear on your comment, are you saying Bush doesn't understand life's value?

Though we may disagree on his actions, can you show one instance where Bush has acted before thinking? Do you have any evidence or are you making this up? I thought one of Michael oore's criticisms was that "My Pet Goat" canard where he said Bush had no reaction for seven minutes on 9/11. Which is it?

I'll concede that the media's judgement is often misplaced, but I disagree that they lack it entirely.
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