Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sometimes I Don't Feel the Love

I read some of this garbage last night and I have to say, it still has me in a really bad mood this morning (hat tip: PowerLine). Here's some more reader comments from Daily Kos, probably THE most influential and highly-read lefty blog. Something is wrong with people who can instantly snap into such hatred and negativity. Remember the good ol' days when it took something important, like a really bad hamburger, to make someone so angry?

I have no problem with honest, intellectual debate with anyone, even if one or both parties is factually challenged. I just can't understand getting this worked up about a man, literally within hours of him taking a new job. We have a huge problem in this country with the abject hatred and just plain nastiness on the left. I hoped things had peaked during the last election, but I fear it's worse now, if that's even possible. My solution (and one guaranteed to make them even angrier) is to smile, forgive them, and maybe pray a little.
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