Friday, April 08, 2005

That's the Plan, Howard?

Tonight I saw this short article on Howard Dean's plan to win back "Red America." I have two immediate thoughts: First, is the liberal plan for every problem to just throw more money at it? Problems with the school system? We need to "invest" more! Medicare? Increase funding! NIH? Throw money at it! Budget deficits? Don't cut spending--Heaven's no--raise taxes! Ad nauseum....

Second thought: The Democrats (and their 527 friends) spent more money than any campaign in history last election cycle, and they still lost seats in both the Senate and House, to go along with failing to win back the White House. So their first reaction is to go back to the same old playbook and spend more money. Heh.

Now, in all honesty, I must close with the following thoughts. I'm not happy with the amount of money the Republican-controlled government is spending these days. I don't think for a minute that things would be better if the Dems had control, though. Quite the contrary. The Republicans have some work to do (and fast) in getting control of the Senate judicial filibusters, mopping up Iraq and Afghanistan, the GWOT, and then they will need to rein in budget spending so they can lower my taxes.
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