Sunday, April 03, 2005

Utah Flyfishing, Fun for the Whole Family

I got away this weekend with my father for a little flyfishing in Utah. Here are few photos of us both from Saturday's action. We had a great day and caught a lot of fish (mostly brown trout, with a few very fat rainbows and one whitefish). Peta activists please remain seated, all fish were released back into the river unharmed (bruised egos notwithstanding). As always, click on photos to enlarge.

Dad battling another big Brown trout. Posted by Hello

We were blessed with wonderful weather and spectacular scenery. It's amazing what clear skies and snowcapped mountains do one's outlook on life. I'll be on the road this week again for work, so this weekend was great for decompressing before having to face the airport crowds and TSA dolts.

One very nice Brown trout. Posted by Hello
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