Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Byron York has a new book out called "The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy." I've read two excerpts this week at National Review Online. Interesting stuff. Here is a great link from yesterday, and one from today. York's book essentially follows the rise of from it's founding through the 2004 Presidential elections.

I'm fascinated by politics, the gamesmanship, the intrigue, and the passion of people on all sides. And I admit that I may have underestimated the Left's organizational effort last year. The excerpts I've linked above show a highly organized and motivated movement. I want to pick up "The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy" to learn more. The money spent was absolutely mind-boggling (George Soros alone spent $25 million to try and unseat George W. Bush). As far as intrigue goes, the Democrats actually (somehow) acquired a CD-ROM Karl Rove's secret campaign plans! How they failed to win anything substantial in November can only boil down to a few possibilities: 1) John Kerry's utter lack of likability, 2) The party's lack of a substantive message (other than "We hate Bush!"), and 3) The profound distrust many Americans have for the Democrats in a time of war.

More to follow once I finish the read....
how true. it is fortunate for us democrats that the republicans have taken their "moral stance", rolled it up, and smoked it. even figures like dobson are starting to get concerned. have you read what newt geignrich is saying? he's pretty embarrased about the whole re-writing the ethics rules to accomodate delay's lifestyle thing. not to mention the lack of WMD, the economy, social security, international relations, and won't see a republican house, senate, and president for another 100 years. and it's all their own doing. that's the beauty of it...the democrats (as you have pointed out) couldn't find their ass with both hands and a flashlight, but they'll still win the next one after these embarrasments.
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