Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm Down with the Sunset Commissions

John Fund has a "magic wand" solution to reducing much of the government waste our taxes support. I wish his idea was implemented, but know full well it is probably just a dream. Notice the knee-jerk-sky-is-falling-opposition quote near the end from my local representative, Henry Waxman.

What Fund mentions, but doesn't stress enough, in my view, is how resilient the free-market economy is. In most instances where bases have been closed, local economies adjust and the bases are turned into thriving business parks, airports, and even wildlife sanctuaries. Fund uses the cliche "Turning lemons into lemonade." The lesson is applicable across just about every government function: the private sector can do things far more efficiently than the federal government ever could.

Are you listening, opponents of Social Security reform? How about those who want government to exert more control over our healthcare system?
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