Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Patterico Must Be Loving This

I saw this yesterday on Drudge. More bad news for the L.A. Times, whose circulation numbers are circling down the drain. Patterico chimes in:

I tend not to focus on circulation numbers, because I’m far more concerned with whether a paper is telling the truth than whether it is a market success. If the paper were reporting tremendous circulation and were still distorting the news the way it does today, it would not be a success in my eyes.

Still, I mention it because some people see importance in such matters – and because there is an arguable connection between a media outlet’s reputation for honesty and its financial success. (Also, if I don’t say anything about the circulation numbers, I’ll start getting e-mails and comments from people asking if I’d heard about them.)

The Times' woes are not unlike those of CBS News (and so many other MSM dinosaurs). Their credibility is shot, no matter how they spin the numbers. Ratings for the networks continue slow, steady declines. Ditto major newspaper circulation numbers. And with a declining audience goes declining influence. I think Patterico is correct, there is a connection between financial success and the reputation for honesty. This applies to all businesses, industries, and individuals. Watching the L.A. Times shriveling is a good life lesson. They've done it to themselves.
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