Sunday, May 15, 2005

Thanks for Paying the Ransom

My Three Cents isn't dead or in a persistent vegetative state. Just needed a few days off to collect thoughts, finish reading a few books, take a little break, catch up on other neglected chores, projects, prior social engagements, and even do a little work.

One of the things I'm [still] doing is contemplating format changes and perhaps even a new URL. I've been thinking of this almost from the beginning, as old-time readers will no doubt recall. I'm no technowiz (and many would argue I'm no blogginwiz either) so it's tough to devote time to both blogging and learning new techie skills. If I spend hours reading news, then I'm not reading about HTML. Not whining here, just stating fact, there's only 24 hours to the day.

I'll be business traveling again this week, but keep checking back for new stuff. Of course, in the absence of fresh M3C commentary, feel free to click the permalinks on my blogroll. Those are real bloggers and excellent sources for news. They will keep you entertained and informed, no doubt. And as always, thanks for stopping by.....
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